Ho Hum, Another Moonrise

Back in October, I almost got a perfect moonrise time-lapse shot. Last night I improved on the camera-pointing accuracy:

Moonrise, February 8. Note that the camera remains pointed at the same place, and the moon rises in-frame. I had a pretty good idea that an 84.4° azimuth was aligned with the antennas down by the bay shore, and sure enough, the moon popped up right between them.

Of course, where this video falls short, relative to the October shoot, is that the sky was already dark. Just a few days earlier, I got an even better nightfall shot…

Nightfall, February 4. Quick, look at the top of frame: the moon’s there for a second! It’s bad luck that the only storm we’ve had in weeks had to spoil Monday and Tuesday’s moonrise, either of which would have been pretty good for a combo nightfall/moonrise shot. I won’t complain too much. We need the rain.

But I expect better weather scheduling for the March full moon.


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